"Tessellate" - Alt-J

My iPod knows how to play good songs on rainy days.

"The Love Club" - Lorde.

It’s been days since I’ve posted anything, but my obsession, er, fascination with Lorde is steadily increasing. I pray that she sings this song come March. 

"There’s nothing more I want/ except to be alone"

"Gasoline" - Alpine.

"There’s gasoline in your heart/ There’s fire in mine/ I know I’m never gonna light you"

Funky funk for days. Loves it.

The amount of times that I’ve played this song is ridiculousnessssss.

"About You" - XXYXX ft. 2 Chainz mash up.

"About You" - XXYXX

Dope beatzzzzz.

"Head Over Heels" - Tears For Fears.

Haven’t posted in a while & the 80’s are awesome.

"Sleep in the Park" - Solange.


"Phantoms" - Bomba de Luz.

The perfect rainy weather song. Her voice is chill inducing.

Thanks to my brother for introducing me to my newest addiction.

"Everything is Embarrassing" - Sky Ferreira.

"Stuck On You" - Meiko.

Too cute to boot. <3